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"I have witnessed first-hand the transformation of a dealer group from an under performer to an over achiever as a direct result of David Ibarra and IBG's coaching and support. Frankly, the results produced by David and his people exceeded my expectations in every way. In the increasingly competitive retail automobile business IBG gives dealers a powerful advantage in the marketplace."

G. Joseph Betar - Dealer Owner

Classic Motors, Inc.

"I wanted to personally thank IBG and their team. I have been working with IBG for the past 8 years. During our partnership I have never seen such a team of dedicated coaches and genuine professionals that not only care about the dealers profotability, but nearly every member of our team within our dealership.

Through personal and team coaching, Mr. David Ibarra and every member has instilled confidence, knowledge and internal processes throughout the store. David has helped us achieve a culture that has been able to be sustained through the ups and downs of the automobile industry. It is with his help that we have achieved such great success and development of the best leaders in the nation. Not only have we enjoyed growth year over year, but I am confident to say that every employee with David's help has achieved a greater quality of life.

The IBG team has a way of drilling down the finance process, selling process and the fixed process to find and discover and coach from the little things that make the biggest difference.

On a personal note, I have had many opportunities late into the night that I have reached out to many of the IBG team regardless of the time and inconvenience. The IBG team has always been supportive and always has the best interest for the dealership. They take pride in knowing the necessary leaders on a very personal level and challenges in our store and jumps at every moment to help reduce anxiety and motivate a change in behavior that creates better moral, culture and income for the dealership.

I can truly testify, the IBG team will always have your best interest at mind. I know that David's team has a mission statement that states, 'Give, give, give before you get, get, get. ' I promise the IBG team will manifest their mission statement in every contact and every interaction they have within the dealership."

Jeff Davis - Director of Operations

VW Lee’s Summit / VW SouthTowne

"We would never run a dealership without Executing the Standards®. A dealership that is not process focused will never tap into its true potential. ETS provides that focus. Achieving success can only occur when you are willing to do what your competition will not."

K.O. Murdock - Dealer
Blake Murdock - Dealer

Murdock Automotive Group

"In 2001, I began looking for help to improve our dealership's performance. I started asking, 'Who could offer me a no-nonsense approach to improving performance?' and one name just kept coming up, David Ibarra. I contacted David back in 2001 and asked for a consultation. When David told me we were leaving more than $750,000 on the table in F&I, I was skeptical. I am happy to say today, that money is in the bank. David has assisted us equally well in sales and service. I am thankful to have David Ibarra as a friend and business coach."

Grag Newby - COO

Newby Buick GMC

"David is the most qualified consultant I have worked with in my 38 years in business. He has an intimate knowledge of the workings of the entire dealership. What may set David apart the most, however, is his knowledge, skill and experience in the development of people. He understands a dealership's most important asset; the talent of its people. David and his associates have developed a unique set of tools to develop these assets. This tool set, named "Executing The Standards®" provides a specific action path and accountability system for each position in the dealership. The ETS tool set, with David's capable coaching, has helped us make a major leap forward in the operation of our dealership through the development of our talent."

Stafford Smith - Dealer Principal

Smith Auto Group

"As a small dealer I can say that one of my finest days was when the guys from IBG appeared in my doorway asking if I had a minute. Joining up in the reinsurance world may be the smartest thing I have done in the automobile business. I will always be thankful to IBG."

Ron Crump - Dealer Principal

Crump - Reese Motor Co.

"We have been an IBG customer since 2008 and we couldn't be more pleased. As a small rural dealer, the benefits of working with David and Henry have far exceeded our expectations. They have truly become a partner in our business, but more importantly our trusted friends. We recommend them without reservation."

Rob Droubay - Dealer Principal

Droubay Chevrolet Buick

"I started doing business with IBG with insurance products and F&I coaching in early 2007. I got to know David Ibarra in another transaction through the brokering side of his business when he brokered the Chevrolet sale to me in November of 2007. What I can tell you is during that process I got to know David as a competent guy who does everything he says he's going to do. I've been doing business with the IBG and David Ibarra companies ever since, and couldn't think of not doing business with them."

Tony Basso - Dealer Principal

Tony Basso Chevrolet Buick GMC Cadillac

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